The Power of Feminine Flow Workshop


Workshop: The Power of Your Feminine Flow

Collaboration is the new paradigm, the way of the feminine spirit that nourishes and sustains our personal and business health and wellbeing, and our world. Being in competition mode or call it superwoman, eventually leads to burnout.

Did you know that you can be in collaboration with your menstrual cycle?

What is the workshop about?  

By learning to embrace your feminine flow, you will be able to harness your natural powers that work in collaboration of your menstrual cycle. No longer will you be fighting burn out, feeling out of sync and frantic. This two-day workshop will take you through The Power of Your Feminine Flow.

It’s about showing you the main disempowering behaviours and why they are harmful to our feminine health and wellbeing. During the workshop, you will be given the opportunity to learn about and work with the Five Soft PowerTypesTM, Warrioress, Lover, Mother, Queen and Sorceress. When they are working in coexistence we are in flow with our true nature, our uniqueness. You will also learn to be aware when you are not in your true flow and how to bring yourself back into balance.

The Five Soft PowerTypes work in sync with your menstrual cycle. You will discover what PowerType belongs to which part of your cycle, and how to embrace and work with each PowerType’s phase. You will discover when you feel most creative, as well as when you will need to pace yourself. Once you discover how your menstrual cycle is working in unison with your PowerTypes, you will be unstoppable.

This workshop is ideal for female entrepreneurs, business owners, teams and for those leading a female team. Women are a force of nature, and once they discover how to truly embrace the power of their feminine flow can achieve great success.

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