Wellbeing Coaching for Women


Your personal development and wellbeing are vital for enjoyment of life. It’s time to increase your confidence and to identify your real needs and values in order to live a more fulfilling life.

·       Find purpose and truth in your life

·       Become more motivated to be your true self

·       Grow spiritually

Have you lost yourself? Do you want to get back in touch with who you really are?

The wellbeing coaching that I offer will help you to find yourself again, to find your purpose and truth in life. Using the Soft PowerType Profiling Tool, we will be able to highlight five aspects of yourself that are working as archetypes: The Mother, The Queen, The Warrioress, The Lover and The Sorceress.

During your profiling and coaching sessions, you will learn how you interact with areas of your life. Together we will identify areas of strength and vulnerability within your life and your behaviours. We will discover if you are in danger of the disempowering archetypes: The Bitch, The Martyr and The Superwoman, The Anti- Superwoman and The Victim. If these are present in your life, you could be experiencing burnout, resentfulness or martyrdom.

After your coaching sessions, you will leave armed with knowledge and wisdom about your true self. You will also gain tools and methods that will help strengthen the vulnerable areas and pull you away from the disempowering archetypes. From this, you will become more in tune with yourself and your world. 

Do you ever curse your period? Or are you aware of the natural power you have access to during the menstrual cycle?

My wellbeing coaching covers menstruation and the effects it has on you as a woman throughout the monthly cycle. During the coaching sessions, you will learn how to utilise the five phases of your monthly cycle. These correlate back to the five archetypes we discover during the Soft PowerType Profiling.

In turn, you will become empowered as a woman. You will see your monthly cycle and menstruation in a new light, as you gain access to the natural powers you have as a woman. My passion is to help women to empower themselves, using their archetypes to their advantage and menstruation as a source of natural energy and positive power. Through my coaching, I aim to provide you with a safe space, comfort, support and a listening ear.

If you want to find truth, meaning and power in your life, as well as to grow spiritually,
then get in touch with Abundant Wellbeing today.

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