The 12 Week Programme


Taking you from frantic to fulfilled

Have you become lost and disconnected from yourself? Are you frantically jumping from commitment to commitment? Is your energy scattered between your responsibilities, whether they are work or home related? 

You’re unaware of the power you possess within yourself, if only you could discover how to unlock and access it.

It’s time to stop. To breathe. To focus on yourself, so that you are no longer buckled under the strain of society’s expectations on who you should be, and what you should be doing with your time. To become fulfilled means that you can pause, breathe and feel lighter without the heaviness and bustle of a busy life.

You can choose to focus on what brings you joy, fulfilment and what serves you a better purpose in your life. I can show you how.

The Abundant Wellbeing 12-Week Programme

My 12-week programme will help you to let go of those disempowering ways of being. The experience of this women’s feminine empowerment course will be an incredible journey giving you wonderful tools to help you continue your journey to fulfilment.

If you feel stuck in some areas of your life, find it difficult to make decisions, feel like you are heading towards burn-out, juggling life, work, children, in constant superwoman mode, then this coaching programme is the help you need. It has a wonderful holistic approach, helping you to meet your mind, body and spiritual needs.

By understanding what influences you in nearly everything you do. You will be in a better position to know how to bring peace to the chaos, balance into your work and personal life, know and be confident in who you are and have fun on the way. 

My 12-week programme is designed to empower women, taking them from frantic to fulfilled. To kickstart the programme, you will partake in the Soft PowerType profiling tool. This allows us to gain an insight and discover how you interact with the five aspects of yourself, which relates to the five Soft PowerTypes.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will meet via Zoom for a weekly hour coaching session, where I will support you with the tools and methods you need to become fulfilled.

My course will also delve into your menstrual cycle and how the phases of your cycle relate back to the Soft PowerTypes. This will unlock powers you never knew were possible, as you are able to navigate through your natural monthly flow harnessing your newfound wisdom and tools.

The Accountability You Need to Really Make a Change

In between each coaching session, you will gain the chance to practise the new methods and tools. This will really help you to flourish and move forwards through the 12-week programme. Being held accountable by the weekly sessions allows you to really make an impact and benefit from the coaching. By being held accountable, you will become fully committed to this life changing, transformative coaching journey.

Whether you are a businesswoman, entrepreneur, or leading a female team, unlocking your true potential will be incredibly beneficial and powerful for you. The powerful benefits this programme has for business are uncapped, as you can learn when and how to be more creative, productive and authentic. If you are leading a female team and would like to know more about how women can work to their true potential, get in touch today.

If you would like to know more about my 12-week programme, I offer a FREE 30-minute discovery call. During this call, we discuss the issues you are facing within your life, or your team, and how I can help to resolve them. I am then able to give you a taster into how I work.

These discovery calls are essential for establishing whether we are a right fit to work together over the 12 weeks and if the programme suits your needs. I can outlay how the course works in further detail, as well.

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