Soft PowerType Profile Test


What are Soft PowerTypesTM?  

The Five Women’s Soft PowerTypesTM are aspects of ourselves that we connect to daily. Learn to recognise and embrace this feminine energy to know what drives your fear and anxieties and what sparks your love and passions.

What are the benefits? 

Once you know the five Soft PowerTypesTM they become your resources for life. They show us that the masculine paradigm of competition, does not serve us or our world. Along with their learning come other tools and resources to help you stay in flow with who you truly are. Taking the Soft PowerTypesTMprofile test shows how you are connecting to these resources daily.

For example, a high score in Mother and low score in Queen could mean that the person is a caring and nurturing person who puts other’s needs first. However, they may struggle with boundary issues, and feel guilty about saying no. So here the work required is to strengthen the Queen to support the Mother. This person then stays true to her nature of caring, without sacrificing herself and has strong boundaries by having a clear self-expression.

What about business? 

The PowerTypesTM are an effective way to investigate your leadership style, whether you lead a team, a family, or a business. It is also great for getting clarity on your entrepreneurial style. Do you lead through Queen or Warrioress or by another Soft PowerTypeTM? How do the people around you respond to you?

The SoftPowerType Profile test will identify your PowerTypes. It costs £105 and includes a 30 minute coaching session to discuss your results.

Once purchased you will receive an email with the token code and link to the Soft PowerType Profile test. You will also receive a link to book your 30 min coaching session during which we will look at your PowerType Profile results and help you find your way from frantic to fulfilled.

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