Jane – Classical Musician, Piano Tuner & Technician


Jane was feeling quite ill and stressed just before the beginning of the programme with palpitations and very high or very low heart rate in the night. This made her feel very unconfident about working and life generally.

Jane decided to do the 12-week programme because she knew that she needed help to get away from certain bad habits that were undermining her health. Even though Jane knew it would take a weekly time commitment and some courage, she still wanted and needed to do it. In fact, she felt that it was perfect timing.

The biggest result so far is Jane discovering how to say no and therefore how to make a heart decision about the immediate future, instead of a head decision i.e financial one. This means a total change of direction for her and stopping the work that is draining her. Since Jane deciding on this, all sorts of ideas have been presenting themselves to her and her creative powers are returning.

The PowerType release has really helped Jane over this period because it has taught her how to drop the victim stance and given her courage to envision easy but powerful steps to a different and a happier future. The soft power planning has also helped Jane a lot because it points her to the things that most excite her and that she’s likely to enjoy diving into. Her creativity for which in turn helps her to own and lead her own work instead of following others’ directions.

Jane’s health has now returned and so has her courage and self-belief. Jane is receiving daily signs that she is on the right track and that she’s have made the right decision, which she finds very exciting!

“I would highly recommend this programme to everyone because it is where you find out what is stopping you be who you really are which is hugely empowering. I also highly recommend Sheera King as a practitioner of this work. Sheera is a brilliant therapist. She helps you look inside yourself with a gentle and quiet focus and she makes looking at what does and doesn’t work for you seem very easy. She knows what the truth is for you, through skill and instinct, and helps you look at it with great love and compassion. She never rushes and will help you look at stubborn problems from lots of different angles. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.”

Jane Saunders – Classical Musician, Piano Tuner & Technician

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