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Need help like Gayleen?

Gayleen was suffering with confidence issues and was experiencing imposter syndrome when she came to Sheera. She was given the Soft PowerType profiling service, alongside a coaching session. Gayleen found this invaluable and was able to see how the PowerTypes could be used to boost Gayleen’s joyful experience of life. Gayleen was given tools and methods in order to boost her confidence, so that she was able to put the right boundaries in place in her life. This helped Gayleen to go forwards in both her personal and business life.

“I found Sheera’s PowerType profiling and coaching incredible. She was so knowledgeable and also, I found comfort in using Sheera’s services, as she is so warm and approachable. I found I was able to really open up and discuss what was going on in my life. It’s hard to be raw and vulnerable, but Sheera made it easy and gave me such a transformative experience. Thank you Sheera!”

Gayleen Hodson – Hodson Writing Services

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