Period Positives


Period Positives

June 10, 2021 AbundantWellbeing

Do you dread having your period?

You aren’t alone. In fact, according to Hindawi, about 1 in 5 women suffer from menorrhagia- painful and heavy periods. Even if you don’t suffer with painful cramping, there are other perceived fewer desirable traits that come alongside that time in the month.

Why are periods sometimes seen as a frustration? Some women feel an annoyance and discomfort in using tampons, pads or cups and making sure they are available for those days you get caught off guard. Having things booked in, such as holidays or mini breaks and discovering you’re going to be in your bleeding phase leaves you feeling flustered. Even having to rearrange ‘intimate’ date nights due to the perceived unwanted monthly visitor.

However, some women aren’t so bothered about their period. They don’t find them painful or uncomfortable and usually don’t mind going about their usual business during that time of the month.

The Power in Periods

Whether you’re not fussed, or you dread the monthly visit, have you discovered the full potential and power of your menstrual cycle yet? Did you know you can move through different Soft PowerTypes throughout your cycle? If you aren’t sure what a Soft PowerType is, you can read more about it here.

Understanding the pattern of your cycle can help you to discover so much about yourself. Such as, which time during the month you can be most creative, what times you can dedicate to more intense stages of work and the times you need to give yourself a break and let your body rest. You can then tailor your schedule to be more in line with the Soft PowerType phases you go through. To help you understand the benefits of understanding your cycle, we have put together a useful list below.

The 8 Benefits of Discovering the Positive Natural Power of Your Periods

1. Empowerment and Gender

When you learn about your menstrual cycle and the Soft PowerTypes you embody throughout it, you can understand how to empower yourself through your menstrual cycle. This will enable you to continue to work in a masculine environment without losing your feminine power. You can learn to lead men into cooperation rather than going into competition with them.

2. A Boost in Energy

When you know what your cycle looks like, you can really work to your energy levels. You’ll have an idea as to when your energy levels tend to rise and drop through your cycle. Then you’ll be able to take advantage of the times when your energy is at its maximum and really go with the flow of your body.

3. You Can Learn When and When Not to Do Certain Activities

In the same way that you’ll learn how to make use of your energy, you will learn about other timings in your cycle. For example, when you are going to be more creative or when you’re able to be more physically active. You will also discover other important points through your menstrual cycle. Planning your schedule around your monthly sequence can help you to achieve more and feel less tired and stressed.

4. Better Moods

When you are trying to do things, but you are feeling low on energy, it can really dampen your mood. Adjusting your diary to suit your energy levels and PowerType phase can help you to reduce these lower moods. Making time to rest when your body needs to will help you to feel balanced and calm. Knowing when you are likely to feel this way will mean you can plan ahead.

5. Learn How to Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is growing in popularity, and with good reason. It’s difficult to fill someone else’s cup when yours is empty. When you learn more about your menstrual cycle, you’ll be able to predict when you need to take care of yourself before you reach a state of burnout.

6. Organise the Structure of Your Life and Feel More Empowered

Taking control of your schedule can feel so empowering! You’ll soon wonder how on earth you used to cope with the confusion of hormonal fluctuations and changing energy levels. Feeling empowered will boost your confidence and help you to get what you want in life.

7. Find Your True Self

Through tracking your cycle and from Soft PowerType profiling, you can really learn about yourself, your wants, your needs and how you can tailor your life to work around those. When you really get to know yourself, you can grow and truly flourish in all areas.

8. Lose That Dreadful Feeling

Finally, you can lose the dread you’ve felt about your period. When you come to know and understand yourself more fully, you’ll feel more accepting and empowered by your womanly features. Understanding your phases can help you to forgive yourself when you aren’t feeling energised and motivated and can encourage you to push yourself forward when the time is right for you.

Would you like to know more about discovering the power of your periods?

Would you like guidance discovering this valuable information about your personal menstrual cycle? Would you benefit from knowing the Soft PowerType phases your body flows through? Get in touch with me today to find out more.

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